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Insects, rodents and nuisance wildlife can cause major issues for property owners in the Spring Hill - Tampa area. While opting for green pest control methods is a great way to avoid chemical extermination techniques, many people who try to implement these methods without professional assistance find that pests are still a problem. Alternative Pest Control has knowledge of organic pest control..

Pests in Spring Hill

Why do you need organic pest control?  In the Tampa area, carpet beetles are known to enter buildings and damage natural fibers including carpets and upholstery. The cost of repairs can be significant, and these pests multiply quickly. One beetle can lay hundreds of eggs in its lifespan.

Mosquitoes populations tend to be high in the Greater Tampa Bay Area because of high humidity that encourages the pests to reproduce. Since mosquitoes are able to transmit dangerous diseases when biting humans and animals, it is important to keep populations down.

Termites and carpenter bees can cause structural damage that costs thousands of dollars to repair. Both of these wood-destroying pests are difficult to detect until populations grow to infestation levels. Inspections for insect activity that are completed by a pest control company could prevent much of the damage done by these pests.

Green Pest Control Methods

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Pest control companies with experience in green, organic methods of getting rid of nuisance insects use solutions that are better for the environment. Homeowners and other property owners who would like to avoid chemical treatments can contact us. We have green pest control experience.

Organic, environmentally-friendly techniques for getting rid of pests combine unique blends of natural ingredients that have a proven track record for eliminating pest problems.

Benefits of Hiring Alternative Pest Control

Attempting to control pests that have invaded a home or business is a difficult endeavor. Organic pest control methods that are just as effective as conventional extermination techniques is best left to us. Contact a pest control company that specializes in green techniques to enjoy the benefits of environmentally-friendly extermination.